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a Yo! Boutique & studio23

💥CommunityCamera💥 Saturday 8.1.20 at Old Town MaLL @ayo_boutique / @tsnslay_studio23 / @bmore_studio23 If you guys are not familiar with the Paige BrothaS:: Rello&DantaSr. you better ask somebody! They had a grand opening for the AYO Boutique located at 554 Old Town Mall…. These Young KingS have a Boutique:: @ayo_boutique all da fresh urban gear&sneaks from creators around the DMV and a studio @bmore_studio23 featuring all the technology to CREATE/RECORD/MiXDown/ and da support to get u to HiTstatus… Since u wasn’t present Let me put you D…Dis here was a celebration vendors:: veganFood__snowBallS_ @diamondzntheruff_ jewelry _ Music/Artists performed from Md, NJ, NY _ @silvergorillaapparel and a FASHION Show!!! What I witnessed was a Community of our BLaKYOUNG PEOPLE supporting BLaKYOUNG PEOPLE! Stop 🛑 saying all OUR BLaKYOUNG PEOPLE want to do is sell drugs, pop pills etc. -LIES-Lies-LIES-Lies-LIES-Lies-LIES-Lies-LIES-Lies-Lies There is nothing negative about OUR BLaKYOUNG PEOPLE they just need a place to feel comfortable and explore their creativity! I SaLuTe da PaigeBoyZ… they are what YOUNG BLaKMen should BE…Support these BrothaS! Bring back OLD Town MaLL! Dis event BoXX SCORE:: 📦📦📦📦📦 out of 5📦S. Perfect Score!!! No Violence aLL LUV!! Don’t forget to subscribe to #blackmen #blackpeople #blackcreatives #blackrappers #blackyoungentrepreneurs #blackbaltimore #oldtownmallbaltimore #studio #youngkingsandqueens #entrepreneur #younggiftedandblack

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